Holiday is over

Well, it’s been long since the first post. As you might guess, postgraduate student life is not easy. But, one can always find some time for blogging. To be honest, I procrastinated a lot. Easter holiday is just finished and it took me the first class after break to realize that holiday is over. Mid-April to June, this short time-span is going to be really difficult for students with lots of assignment deadlines along with exam.

It feels like just yesterday when I joined the program back in September. Now, we are almost at the brink of the year-end exam. After that, it will be three more months to finish the dissertation and that’s it! Time really flows like water!

Currently, the department is reorganizing web contents across different modules – for students and staffs. This would have number of good effects on content administration and ownership. Till now, the way things are organized at the administration level, is praiseworthy. Let me give you a simple example. As postgraduate students, we had classes on either room# 2.15 or room# 2.19. The room allocation depends on the size of the class. Once the estimation of the class size didn’t work well. So, in the first day of second period, the small class got the big room(2.19) and vice versa. Before the next class, mail was circulated among students amending the change of venue.

Lab is kind of second home to all of us. Believe it or not, you can find machines available almost always, except during week 5 or 6 of each period. BTW, the whole taught module is distributed in four periods and each period has 6 weeks in total. Most of us have out-of-hours pass from the department to access lab at any time of the year. Along with lab, numerous university computer clusters and learning commons, you can pretty well survive the course without even a computer. I myself have done this for more than two months. Enough said, allow me to get back to work now. Onward, I promise to post on a regular basis. Leave you with this cool video – Sight.