Recently, there was a graduate job fair at Armitage Center, Fallowfield. It was a two day event. Lot of companies came to interact with the students. Even before going to the event, we know chances are very less to get something fruitful. In case you follow recent news, you would know immigration is still a matter of huge debate in UK, specially when the election is approaching. First the post-study visa was suspended, then few EU countries were blamed for high immigration, and now the third chapter. Some countries including India are put in high-risk zone. Any traveler from that zone coming into UK needs to deposit a bond of ¬£3000 at British Embassy before coming here. UK government is doing what it thinks would be best for its people, so that’s fine. But, an ominous message is received among employers.

We still decided to pay a visit to the fair. Before going, we checked the register of sponsors and identified potential employers that we were interested about. We also checked whether those companies are coming on the first or second day. With hell-ish weather, we arrived at the fair on the second day and found the event well organized. Some companies seemed to be genuinely interested after checking our profile. But at the end, the dreaded question of work permit came up. And though they are listed as official sponsor of work visa, they curtly replied that they would not be able to sponsor us. This is happening not only in the low or mid-size companies. Even bigger brands are avoiding international students. I personally know at least two instances of it.

Best way to have your visa extended is either a PhD admit or entrepreneurship. Few extraordinary people secure PhD admit, and even very few get funded PhD offer in UK. Visa extension on entrepreneurship is quite interesting. In that way, government can get some investment from international students. If it becomes successful, it will create further jobs for local people. But really, if someone has that good entrepreneurial quality, why would he/she want to risk the capital in a foreign market. They can very well set up business in their home country!

Anyway, back to academic world. The result will soon be published for the second semester. We all are pretty tense. Moreover, the project is going on. In all, life is pretty hectic these days. To exacerbate the matter, all kinds of construction/repair work is going on at my accommodation Whitworth Park. In case you want to sleep bit extra on some weekdays, the nice construction workers will volunteer to act as alarm bell. Few of my flatmates regularly flee to library or learning commons to find solace. Probably I have to resort to that as well. So much for the ludicrous rent!