Dissertation pressure is mounting up day-by-day. Just one month is left now for the deadline. I am working on my project. But, not all the time. Thanks to reliable internet connection in university student halls, I can often take my mind off with some good movies.

I watch lot of movies through video-sharing free websites. Youtube has many of them. Netflix is offering one month free access. I am quite addicted to it now. I normally watch almost anything, unless it’s too serious. I can watch those too, it’s just that I am not in right frame of mind now, I’d rather some light relief like an action or a comedy!

I have a friend who picks up a director or actor and then surfs through their entire work. It’s crazy! To this day, I am not sure how to tag him – movie-geek or movie-freak!

Interestingly, I watched two films which deal with more serious stuff – relationship. And more interestingly, it’s a particular relationship – brother-sister. ¬†The first one was ‘People like us’ and the second ‘You can count on me’.

I really enjoyed both movies as I have a sister of my own, may be that’s the reason. My most joyous moments and worst fights that are etched into my memory, are with her only. You can search through Jennifer Lawrence’s interviews how her brothers helped and troubled her throughout. It’s kind of de-facto standard of brother-sister relationship. You can go as far as you can, but you can’t stay away from it.

Speaking of which, so is the internet. Other broadcast mediums are now getting thinner compared to internet pervasiveness. TV stations have now started their pay-for channels in internet. Previously, people used to listen to TV or radio for news. Now, they watch twitter or RSS feeds to get it. It’s quicker and faster that way. In fact, there is an emerging area of e-science which deals with visualization and data mining on free available data on web. It’s an amalgam of social science, computing and many other domains. And, it’s producing unforeseeable results.