The first period of academic year is going on full swing now. So is the Premier League. This year, it is going to be very interesting. Manchester United, one of the greatest clubs in Europe, is going through a transition period. Sir Alex Ferguson, at the helm of the club for 26 years, got retired. David Moyes was inducted as new manager. Don’t know if it’s for this change, but the performance of the team drops significantly this season. It lost to Manchester City miserably by 1-4. It even lost to West Brom at home. Some pundits note the absence of recently retired Paul Scholes as a factor. Among all this, one young guy named Adnan Januzaj is drawing attention from all corners. Recent news suggests that at least five countries are in contention to make him its national.

Taking advantage of situation at Old Trafford, Arsenal and Liverpool are surging ahead. The season did not start well for Aresenal. But, after grabbing the prize signing of Mesut Özil, the team looks completely transformed. They are now playing lovely passing football. Liverpool on the other hand, looks dangerous after return of Luis Suarez from suspension (for his cannibal instinct). Suarez and Sturridge are complementing each other up front and they both are scoring goals. Chelsea’s performance is average even after the return of ‘Happy One’ at Stamford Bridge. It is interesting to see who will have the last laugh at the championship – Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Liverpool or Chelsea.

September end also starts new season of hit television shows. I follow comedies like ‘How I met your mother’ and ‘The big bang theory’. I also follow ‘Homeland’ – the multiple Emmy award winning drama series. Note, this year two of the best hit drama series of all time ‘Breaking bad’ and ‘Dexter’ finished their journey. My personal favorite in this genre is ‘Game of thrones’ though. It is based on fantasy world, but definitely not for children. In all these cases, it’s interesting to find people’s reaction on social network. ‘Breaking bad’ final episode was showered tribute while ‘Dexter’ finale seemed to be a tad disappointing. ‘Game of thrones’ caused huge outcry over its penultimate episode of its last season. One must admire the pulse of people, the buzz of social networking. Most of the time, I find my friends’ recommendation pretty good.

There are tons of other good shows. If you want to watch, you just have to select one as per your linking. Let me make one recommendation to you. This year, a new show has started called ‘The blacklist’. I find it really good. Hopefully, it marks the beginning of a grand series. Watch the pilot episode and judge yourself. Watching news of international crisis every now and then, it might be welcoming relief to indulge yourself in some hit television series.