Busy month

It’s been an exceptionally busy month, I had to study for two very difficult exams, and I had to submit my dissertation’s progress report. That report is worth almost 30 credits of my degree, so it was a very stressful report to write. One of my exams was in a very old, but beautiful university venue, called Sackville Street building, below is a picture of the building and the exam room.

Sackville Street Building
The exam room

Next, I have to prepare a presentation for the clinicians at the National Genetics Reference Laboratory based at St Mary’s hospital. I have to explain them my dissertation’s approach to diagnose genetic diseases in order to get feedback from them. I really appreciate this opportunity given by my supervisor, so that I can get some valuable skills from this experience. However, I am very nervous about it…

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about my future. I’ve realized that I really enjoy to do research on genes and bioinformatic, so I am seriously considering to do a PhD in this university. I would like to start in September of the current year, so I have a lot of paperwork to do.

By the way, we finally have sunny day after three weeks of rain. Spring arrived two months late to Manchester.


Additionally, I am really enjoying that there is daylight until 10 pm. This is a very unusual experience for me, because in Mexico we don’t really have seasons, so the weather doesn’t vary significantly throughout the year, particularly in my home town it’s hot all year long.

As for my nightlife, two weekends ago I got to visit a venue called Printworks, it has many restaurants and clubs inside, but the most impressive thing is that it looks like a Hollywood set. I can’t believe that I’ve been here more than 8 months and haven’t gone there before.


As I was saying I finally got some free time, so I’ve spent some of it playing Civilization V and Starcraft II, two very recommendable videogames. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my blog, and I’ll write again in a few weeks.