Dissertation’s pressure

This month has been very interesting, I’ve done significant progress in my dissertation’s project. However, I am starting to feel the heavy dissertation’s pressure. I have to finish the last implementation details of my project and to start writing the dissertation as quick as possible, because the submission date is getting really close (six weeks approximately). In addition, I’m getting distracted very easily. The reason could be that writing is the most stressful and boring part of the project, because you already have finished the project, and now you have to explain what you have done in an organized and concrete manner, and to try to include everything at the same time.

However, I am starting to be nostalgic, because I feel like I’ve completed my degree in a very short time, so it’s soon going to be time to go back home. Moreover, in the past few days I’ve been seeing new students arriving to my accommodation’s building, getting ready for their studies, they remind me of myself less than a year ago. This master’s degree was certainty too quick, I am just starting to get used to it and it’s already time to go back, but at the same time it’s been full of challenges and enriching experiences, in some sense I wish I could start it over, but at the same time I feel fully satisfied because I was able to complete it.

In other news, I’ve got the opportunity of watching the Olympics opening at the big screen in Manchester Exchange Square. It was a once in a lifetime experience, and a great distraction from writing my dissertation. While I was watching the ceremony I could feel the whole planet forgetting about their current economic and political problems and just focusing their attention in the ceremony. My expectations for this ceremony were very high, but Danny Boyle, the artistic director of the ceremony, had no problems meeting them. I really enjoyed it, because everything was amazing, there was comedy, action and even drama in the ceremony, he knows how to control your feelings in a beautiful way. Danny Boyle is truly a genius, and this ceremony will never be forgotten. I leave you with a picture of the screening event: