Dalton Ellis Is The Best All In Manchester

Dalton Ellis Hall
Your first year at Uni is always something that you will never forget.

That’s why you should choose the best hall in Manchester if you want to fully live the experience. As the policy says, the halls are guaranteed just for first year students; so it is just one year, but the choice can really make the difference.

When I started looking at the halls, I didn’t have a clue of what I wanted; so the first thing I did was asking questions on the student room. However I didn’t receive any “great” feedback back, so in the end I opted for two halls in Fallowfield and as my second choice, in Victoria Park, I chose Dalton Ellis.

I chose Dalton Ellis because it was in Victoria Park, quite close to Uni, and also because it was one of the halls that was catered and had shared bathrooms. What it seemed to be a random choice, between the dozens of halls that we have in Manchester, it turned to be the best.

Dalton Ellis Hall is the best because in one single area is able to gather different things at once. The diversity of each building that is part of the Dalton Ellis ecosystem make it exceptional. In one single hall, you can opt to have en-suite rooms, shared bathrooms, rooms with a sink and the catered option, which is for everyone. Further, what impressed me was the green that is all around the Hall, which is not even comparable to a Hall in the city centre.

The same green that I see every day, is the one that is able to give us a Basketball field, a squash court and a huge pitch, where you can chill whenever you want. Moreover the catered option gives you a lot of spare time, which you can spend by playing snooker, having a drink in our own bar or playing football outside.

What you can not find here is the noisiness of fallowfield and the need to take the bus every single day. The hall is very close to the city campus, if you want to walk you can do it, without even buying an annual bus pass.

If we want to compare this hall with any other Hall in Fallowfield, they win just on one single aspect, the ratio between males and females. In fact, the main block, in DE, is an only male building and the catered options doesn’t tempt the girls that want to cook for themselves in their first year. However, parties run through the whole year, and if you want to meet someone, you can; even if your hall’s ratio is not that good.

I am currently living in the Main Block, which as I said before is a male only building with shared bathrooms. When I was coming here, I thought that a shared bathroom was the worst thing you could have in a hall, but even though the idea looks horrible, I didn’t have any problem at all. Main Block is also one of the best because it has the largest rooms on campus, and when I say campus I don’t mean just Dalton Ellis, but every single Hall in Manchester. We also have a bar, which is open in the weekends, where you can relax, play some pool or ping pong.

Even if we are a catered Hall, on each floor, in any building there is at least one kitchen with all the facilities and utilities that you need. If you don’t like the food that they serve at the canteen, you can easily cook for yourself in the kitchen.

After having lived here for the last year I give to Dalton Ellis a score of 8 out of 10, because this is the place to be.