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Being a student at the University of Manchester is a great experience, but University is not just about studying. I believe it’s about enjoying the experience with the most interesting people you have ever met. That’s why we want you! We are launching a startup in September, it’s called Great Preneurs. I have been writing on Great Preneurs for the last year and half, but I am ready to get more people involved in this project.

GP is about Technology, Entrepreneurship and Startups and we are looking for people who are willing to write, participate and enjoy the experience of being part of something.

We are currently looking for:

– An Editor
– Writers
– Monthly Contributors
– An Associate Publisher
– A Publisher

The website is on and is already alive, but we want to take the next step with you.

If you are interest or if you want to hear more about the site, just drop an email at: info@greatpreneurs.com

The Best Is Yet To Come

This is just a quick update. I have been working on my own startup for the last month, but the work hasn’t gone as fast as I wished. On the other hand I am trying to involve more people in what Great Preneurs is today and will be in the future. Further I am taking my political activism to the Zenit. I have been able to meet a lot of interesting people in the last two weeks and I hope this will keep happening.

I have recently turned 20, so I just have 10 years left to make something good for myself and society.

Guess who I have met in Rome?

ps: if you want to be part of something and write for greatpreneurs, email us at info at greatpreneurs.com

The Tawkon Retro Handset

Source: http://greatpreneurs.com/handson-tawkon-retro-handset/ ‎
Pivot. That’s the word, Pivot if you see new opportunities. This is one of the most important things that an Entrepreneur must understand before starting a business and I think that Tawkon has got it. Even though they haven’t changed their mission, they have started shipping a product that was designed just for conferences in order to promote the Tawkon brand.

I am talking about the Tawkon Retro Handset, a simple and nice way to keep your brain away from your phone’s radiations. My first impression is that it’s totally in row with Tawkon’s philosophy, which aims to remove phones’ radiation from our lifestyles. The device has a smooth design and blue is the only color available for now. It can be easily connected to every mobile phone on the market through an AUX cable, which Tawkon provides you with the device.

The retro handset is set to a $24.99 with free shipping all over the world. However, if you are a Tawkon user, you will be able to get a 20% discount. As the company lists on the website, these are the main features:

Tawkon Retro Handset Features

My first thought about the handset was:”Why didn’t they make it smaller?”. The answer is simple, this is just the beginning. If they believe in this project and if they see the success of it, they will build smaller versions with different colors. Blue is a great color, but there are plenty of colors out there that might be explored. The basics relies on one simple principle:”the phone needs to be away from your ears and your body”. With this idea in mind they could even try to build a Tawkon portable speaker system that allows you to talk to the phone while driving or performing a physical activity.

Although it was a nice way to promote Tawkon, the Retro Handset is getting popular. That’s why the company has decided to partner with The SEA Executive Suites in Tel Aviv (Israel). In this way:

Each of SEA Executive Suites 40 plus rooms will have a tawkon branded retro handset, a placard explaining the details of mobile radiation, as well as information on about the tawkon application and how to download the app. Compatible with most mobile phones, the handset eliminates 99 percent of absorbed radiation when used during a phone call. Along with the tawkon applications, the retro handset offers an end to end solution for avoiding mobile radiation. According to hotel general manager Ilanit Ram “Adding the tawkon handset is just another way to help our guests achieve the best possible health.”

After the Fresh Living Project and the Android App, this company has made another giant step toward a healthy future for the mankind. What we can really wish is that Apple finally understands the importance of apps like Tawkon.

Tawkon Retro Handset