Full Immersion Into Italian Politics

I thought it was going to be a nice and quiet summer, but in the end I worked ten times more than I was expecting. I didn’t plan anything for this summer, because I wanted to relax and enjoy my country for the first time after several years. However I got involved in the National Observatory for Gay Rights, driven by the Five Star Movement. What it was supposed to be just an easy task by managing their social accounts, it has become a full time experience.

Even though I am doing this as a volunteer, it is one of the best experience that I have ever had in the last twenty years. At this moment we are following a law in the low chamber (Camera Dei Deputati) against Omofobia; so we are working face to face with several members of parliament in order to have the best law.

My main aim is to manage the communication of the Observatory. I am becoming a true Social Media Manager and I guess that I could turn this into a job or a company at some point. Further we are working with the members of the Regional and City council, who have proposed several different laws for LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) rights.

The Parliament closes on the 8th of August, so my job has almost finished; but it will come back at the beginning of September, when we will have to fight in the Senate (Senato) in order to emend the law against omofobia in the best way.

Although I am not Gay, I have found the excitement to fight for something that doesn’t belong to me, which is really good from a personal point of view, and at the same time I have discovered a new way of thinking, which was really unknown to me.