GreatPreneurs and Magna Ideas

Well, this is another quick update. The year hasn’t started yet, but I have already moved in. The house is terrible, cold, without a good internet connection and with a single bathroom for five people. You can find better places in your second year if you look deep. This rented house was supposed to be good because it was in Fallowfield; but I have started hating it from Day 1. I will post some pictures in the next few days here on the blog, just to show you how small my room is.

In the meantime, I have been working on Great Preneurs, the blog I founded more than a year and half ago in Italy. At the moment, we are four writers, but we aim to reach the number seven by the end of this month. We have changed the theme, chosen and new logo and rebranded the whole idea behind the site. I am really proud of what we have been working on and I hope the blog will get million of followers in the next years.

On the other hand I have decided to co-found a consulting company with a friend of mine. It’s called Magna Ideas (Great Ideas in Latin). We are available for developing applications, websites, SEO and solid platforms. We have already closed a deal with a University of Manchester society and we are building a relationship with a couple of clients, but there is still a lot to do.

Gallipoli, Creamfields and 2nd Year Approaching

As soon as I have finished my activity at the Italian Low Chamber, I went to Gallipoli, in the South Of Italy, for a week. It was my first camping experience, in one of the best places of the South. A great location for relaxing and enjoying a wonderful sea, it has become the first destination for raving and partying. Although I didn’t go for clubbing much, I have enjoyed both sides of the city during the trip.

Afterwards I moved to Uk in order to be at Creamfields, one of the best festivals in Europe. This was an Experience, with a capital E.

I am now approaching the start of the second year without remembering anything of what I have studied in the last year. However I know it is going to be a great year, not for what I have planned to study, but for the things I have planned to do.

Regarding the studying, I am obliged to get a first in any case or my parents won’t pay for my living costs anymore. 🙂

I will keep you updated about the options I have chosen and the ones I have discarded.