Course Units Second Year First Semester (MEng)

Okay, I guess it’s time to talk about the course units I have chosen for this semester. For the whole year, there are 4 compulsory units which are:

  • Fundamental Of Databases
  • Software Engineering
  • Operating Systems
  • Algorithms And Imperative Programming

The general idea is that these courses should give you the basis to face a third year and give you the skills that any Computer Scientist must have. I can’t say much about the course units, because this is just Week 3, but I have already understood, which ones are going to be tricky. I will never be a hardware guy, so I am really enjoying the last unit about Algorithms, which is a two semester unit. The language used for this course is C.

The department believes we have a good knowledge of Java (taught in the first year) so you can easily face C in your second year, as a self taught. C is really interesting because after all these  years, it is at the basis of most the modern technologies that we face every day.

Further I had the possibility to choose two optional course units. These were the possible choices:

  • Logic and Modelling
  • Processor Microarchitecture
  • Machine Learning and Optimisation
  • Computer Networks

In the end I chose Computer Networks and Machine Learning. I really didn’t want to take the others because in some way, I already took them in the first year (they were compulsory) and it wasn’t funny, at all. In two weeks time, we will have the reading week, so I guess I will have more time to talk about what we are doing this year. I will be in Rome, enjoying my cat.