GreatPreneurs And The Next Level

When I started blogging on my own, I would have never thought I’d find people who share my interests. That’s why I have tried to get more people involved in what I do at GreatPreneurs. From a solo blogger, we are now five people who believe in the same things and blog for fun. We are trying to bring GreatPreneurs to the next level, with good quality content. However we are still struggling to expand our user base, which is currently under the 10k visitors.

The next step is to get more than 500 likes on the Facebook page in order to have a solid structure on the most used social network in the world. Then we will have to get more writers. Yes, we definitely need two more guys who are able to write and see where the market is leading. We don’t want to be a news site, we just want to be different.

In the future we plan to incorporate the company, set a GreatPreneurs Tv and try to push it even further. It’s all about what we want to achieve, because there is nothing that can stop us. Further what really helps us at the moment is the fact that the Manchester startup scene is growing, which gives us the opportunity to network with more Entrepreneurs and ideas.

We are all about finding crazy guys who have crazy ideas and Manchester is the place to be now.

If you think you are good writer, contact us

If you believe in what we believe, contact us.

If you want to be part of a startup, contact us.

How are my studies going? I am not sure. I am getting too involved in being the person I want to be. : )