Revision Time Has Come

Well, it had to happen. Sooner or later I had to start studying, but that day hasn’t come yet. I have finished today every single piece of coursework by submitting the last exercise of Algorithms. My next steps are to get marked in this lab and Operating Systems, then I will ( I promise) start revising from this Saturday.

As the timetable says I have got six exams in January, which means I need to study more than I studied in the first year. It’s probably going to be painful, but easy at the same time. I am good at reading stuff, but on the other hand I am not good at doing stuff, which is a “good thing” for someone who is studying Computer Science.

For those who don’t know, Christmas holidays start from this Friday (the 13th) and end on Monday the 13th of January. It’s a full month where you can relax, play video games, build your start-up or if you really want to do it, study. I’ll probably focus on the last bit, since this is my second year and what I’ll get will affect my final overall score. Since I am an MEng, this year counts for something like 12.5%, but it is still something.

As most of you should already know, the first year doesn’t count towards anything, even though you should get at least a 2:1 “if you want to get a job”.