I Think I am A YouTuber

Well, yes…I needed to find something to take my mind off things.

I was supposed to work on or, at least, think about my third year project; but I have decided to take a long summer holiday break to reflect on what I have done in the past 2 years. September will be the month to code and program 24/7 in order to deliver what I think might be an interesting product. Yes, I haven’t chosen my project within the list given from the staff, but I have made my own submission, because I thought I had an interesting idea.

I’ll try to cover its development as much as possible throughout this third year, which is my penultimate year at the University of Manchester. In the meantime, I am studying what YouTube is and can be. It’s interesting to see all the trends that this awesome platform covers and how people react to them. I thought writing was a noble thing and that’s why I have been trying to publish long essays on GreatPreneurs every single day to attract more people; but when you find out that the most watched YouTuber is Pewdiepie with 29M subscribers, you start thinking why he is so popular.

Does he make videos about his hot girlfriend?

Is he a football player who records everything he does in life?

Is he Dan Bilzerian?


He simply uses a webcam to record his face while playing a game, so basically people watch his gameplay and the jokes he makes while playing. People might think he’s a loser and probably he’s a weirdo (as are many of us), but this guy is bringing home something between $1.5M – $15.3M a year, according to socialblade.

In a single month, he makes what we can hope to make in a lifetime, just by uploading four or five videos. He was one of the first and now there are thousands of people trying to achieve what he has achieved. Is this the right time to open a YouTube channel? No, we are already late. 2014 is too LATE! Why didn’t people tell me these things  6 years before?

We are late in the gaming trend, but if it’s a matter of comedy or pranks, no one is late. In the pranking channels, the guys who win are not the first who started, but those who make us laugh more. That’s why I have decided to open a channel (EdTV93), someone already had EdTV -.-‘. The idea is not to turn into a millionaire by making videos, (please make it happen!), but to get more comfortable in front of a camera.

I have noticed I am good at sitting behind a laptop and making my friends laugh when I speak Italian; so trying to be good at sitting in front of a camera while speaking English could be the next big challenge. Why? I am still not sure, but I believe in what Steve Jobs said, at some point, all the dots will be connected.

I am about to record my third and then fourth video and I think I’ll focus on my strongest point, the fact that I live in UK, but I am Italian, so talking about things I know, might be kind of interesting.

With this said, have a look at my channel and don’t forget to subscribe!