The Final Sprint

This is that bit of the year where you see everyone sprinting, studying, revising and moving quickly. It’s usually the time where I realise I am in a race which will end in 4 weeks. For a third year student this is the time where we are working on our Report, which describes the work we have achieved during the year with our Third Year Project.

From this year, the school has also introduced the “Screencast”, which is a short video-presentation of the results we have achieved. It’s a bit scary, because everything is colliding and having multiple deadlines, it’s not what you wish to wake up for every morning.┬áManaging your time properly is the key to success at Uni and if you don’t know how to do it, you’ll most likely fail or end up with 5 deadlines on a single day.

This semester I am also going to attend 4 exams in:

  • User Experience
  • Computer Vision
  • Managing Finance in Enterprises for Computer Scientists
  • Documents, Services and Data

My last exam is on the 26th of May, which means I am flying back to Rome on the 27th for a week and then coming back to Manchester for my first ever work experience at CANDDI over the summer.