Amr Ahmed Sadek, PhD Student.

Project: High energy storage electrode materials.

Amr Abd Elkader Ahmed used to work as an assistant researcher at the Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute (EPRI), Cairo, Egypt (2014- 2019). He completed his Master studies in 2018 where he focused on the use of different corrosion inhibitors for metal protection in petroleum fields beside the use of different electrochemical techniques to evaluate their performance. Based on his Master research and follow up studies in the corrosion inhibitors’ field, he could publish many scientific papers. In 2018, He was awarded the Newton-Mosharafa scholarship, where he currently pursuing his PhD studies at the University of Manchester under the supervision, Prof. Robert Dryfe. His PhD research focuses on the synthesis of high energy storage electrode materials using 2D, and transition metal oxides materials for different energy storage systems; Batteries, Supercapacitors, and evaluate their degradation by different in situ and Ex-situ techniques.

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