Cameron Day, collaboration with William Blythe Ltd

Project: Development of High Capacity Graphene-Related Anode Materials for Battery Applications

Cameron is a Development Chemist for William Blythe Ltd. who is currently based in the Electrochemistry Group on a collaborative project with the University. After graduating with a Masters in Chemistry from the University of Leeds, Cameron began his career in industry at William Blythe. Here, he has gained an extensive knowledge of the chemistry surrounding the current range of speciality products, whilst also working on the development and scaling up of  their graphene oxide manufacture route, which supplies the GOgraphene range. Now, Cameron specialises in the development of graphene oxide applications and is currently focussing on the use of graphene materials in energy storage applications. This project in collaboration with the National Graphene Institute at The University of Manchester aims to identify and scale-up novel high capacity graphene-related anode materials for batteries, with the end goal being to extend the range of electric vehicles.