Electrochemistry workshop

RD, with Upul Wijayantha-Kahagala-Gamage (Cranfield), recently organised a workshop to consider where electrochemistry in the UK “is” and where it is going. The workshop was supported by EPSRC, and was originally planned for 2020 – but that didn’t happen….

 Fortunately, EPSRC allowed us to delay the event until the Summer of 2022, and we held a very productive meeting at Gregyog Hall in Wales.


 Further details on the meeting programme can be found here:


Electrochemistry workshop

We are currently working on results from a survey of electrochemistry teaching in the UK throughout various relevant disciplines (Chemistry, also Materials and Chemical Engineering) with Kristy Turner (Chemistry, Manchester) and Katherine Holt (Chemistry, UCL).

Electrochemistry workshop

Nanomaterials in Electrochemistry

RD is the local organiser for the ISE topical meeting on “Nanomaterials in Electrochemistry” (38th ISE topical meeting), to be held in Manchester from Sept 8-11, 2024.

38th Topical ISE meeting in Manchester

Electrochemistry workshop

Electrochemistry Northwest meeting

Hussain Al Nasser, one of the PhD students in the group, is organising this year’s Electrochem NW meeting, a one-day meeting for academics (particularly early career researchers) and industrialists with interests in any aspect of electrochemistry. This will be held on July 6, at the UoM Chemistry building, to register: