Pawin Iamprasertkun, PhD Student.

Project: Advanced Materials for Energy Storage Application.

Pawin got a royal Thai government scholarship from the Ministry of Science and Technology to do a PhD in the scope of “Advance two-dimensional materials for energy storage applications”.

Pawin’s interest is the understanding of capacitive behaviour (surface adsorption, surface faradaic process, and intercalation) of two-dimensional material i.e. graphene, and TMDCs. He is working on the effect of the ionic size on the capacitance and investigate the capacitance components including Helmholtz capacitance, diffuse layer capacitance, space charge and quantum capacitance of bulk material s such as highly-order pyrolytic graphite(HOPG), MoS2, and h-BN as well as the angstrom channel graphene as a model of supercapacitor electrodes. He is also developing the high-performancece supercapacitor of the graphene composite materials. Moreover, Pawin studies the wettability of 2D materials for understanding electrowetting effects