So, this will be my last post on the blog šŸ™

I’m writing this post from Munich, where I am back at Google again for another Summer Internship, which also means that I’ve now completely finished my studies at the University of Manchester; I’m graduating in one month’s time!

It’s great to be back in Munich, I am with the same team at Google as last year, and it’s really great to see everybody again.Ā Although I can’t talk about work things publicly, there have been some cool non-confidential changes since I left though; most notably a new (massive) office and the introduction of gBrau.

gBrau; Google's exclusively brewed beer.
gBrau; Google’s exclusively brewed beer.

Once the Summer is over (and results pending), I will be going to study at Imperial College for a master’s degree.Ā Preparing for that is taking upĀ some of my spare timeĀ in Munich (sorting out theĀ logistics such as accommodation and finances), but most of my time is free to explore southern Germany šŸ™‚

Just this week, I also received my final degree results; I will be graduating next week with a first and am very pleased!Ā So, that’s all from me. Blogging this year has been really fun, hopefully I will find a place (and the time) to carry it on in the future.