Hi everyone!

Hello everyone!


(London Eye – one of the newest London landmarks)

My name is Veneta and I am studying Computer Science with the Industrial Experience option. I’m currently on a placement at Accenture based in London and although it’s quite far from Manchester, I do have the chance to see what it is like to live in one of the best cities in the world. London is a truly unique city to live in, It just has this magic about it that makes you fall in love with it instantly!

I really enjoy living here, although in fact, I spend most of my week elsewhere – Newbury to be more precise. It is a relatively small town outside of London but I find it quite homey and cozy.

It makes a change from The Big Smoke, which is full of tourists and lots of attractions. Working in both places is a lot of fun, though waking up at 5:00 every Monday to catch the train isn’t the most enjoyable thing in the world!


(Tower of London – once a prison for Anne Boleyn , now – housing the crown jewels 🙂 )

It’s been a very refreshing change to be working and not studying this year. I hope I will be able to learn as much as I can before coming back to University in Manchester in September next year for my 3rd, and final, year. So far I feel like I have learnt a lot without even realizing it and it has been interesting to see how things we learnt the previous two years on the course are actually used (or not used) in industry and the real world. I have come to understand the issues of being part of a massive project with resources scattered all over the globe. It certainly brings up problems that you just can’t model when you’re at University – like having part of the team go to bed when you’ve just started work!

I can say with certainty that there are many things about my placement that are quite different from what I expected – some that are not so great but others that have been really good.  Overall, I think it’s an amazing experience that I feel will be really useful and it will help me develop as an individual.

I will being updating you on my experiences throughout the year, so look out for my new post in a month or so!