Welcome back

January has gone by so quickly that I am still having trouble believing it’s already February. It’s made me realise that I need to start thinking about my summer – other than laying on the beach or hiking that is! I really wanted to use this summer as an opportunity to do something productive for a month or two, so I have started my hunt for a summer internship, and I’ve come to realize it is not going to be an easy task.

The main reason for this is because I would like to do my internship in either Germany, Austria or Switzerland – in the hopes of practising some, of probably by now long forgotten, German. On top of that, I feel like doing an internship abroad will really help me develop my skills and it’s the perfect time for me to do it as I am still a student as there is nothing stopping me from travelling. I realised that it will be a lot trickier when I start my professional career, so I want to make the most out of my time left studying.

I hope it will be challenging, fun and something different but most of all that I will be able to find out what I enjoy doing. While there are a number of things I found really fascinating at university, I want to see what a different experience at another company would be like to work for a living and whether I would enjoy it. The worst case scenario is that I just rule out one other thing that I wouldn’t like to do thus leaving me one step closer to pinpointing what I would love to do! I will keep you updated on the role searching and I will gladly share any useful info that I find.


(Berlin – I am coming back!!!! 🙂 )

Another thing I have been thinking about quite a lot now is my third year project and although I have some rough ideas I really should refine them soon and start some project planning. It will be quite interesting coming back to university, but for now I am in no hurry to return just yet. I am glad I have some time on my hands before that comes. I enjoy the fact that I have the weekends all to myself without worrying about deadlines as trivial as it might sound. On that note I finally started playing tennis – or more like taking beginners lessons, but I am getting there okay!? Baby steps! 🙂 And even though there is still so much I need to work on it is great fun. Unfortunately it is only once a week so I try to do some swimming and yoga in between to keep fit (New Year’s Resolutions and all!)


(After a few lessons I can see a tiny bit of improvement in my skills 🙂 )

Another thing that stands out currently in the news is the Windows 10 preview and the idea of augmented reality. I was actually surprised by the direction that Microsoft has taken – offering a free upgrade to existing users who own Windows 7, 8 or Windows Phone and on top of it, a headset that will offer a quite different experience than the standard desktop one we have been used to. It all sounds amazing in theory and in this video, but I’m a little bit sceptical for now. For one thing how many programs will one be able to run in this new and ‘improved’ headset version? I have read that the these changes are in the hope of getting developers excited and write applications for Windows 10 – but my question is how easy will that be? It’s definitely not for mobile applications or web development. However, this might have the potential to completely revolutionize gaming experience – you could actually see the virtual world around you and actually be the hero in the game. And also, is that what the customer wants? Sure it sounds cool at first, but can you imagine wearing a headset all day? 3D glasses in the cinema still give me a headache from time to time and even though this might not be the case I am still wondering if there will be any health related issues to using a headset for a considerate amount of time. It’s definitely food for thought and I guess until it comes out and we can see it, there is no way of knowing how thing will turn out.


(This is what the user will see while wearing the headset)

Speak again soon, if you have any questions for me then please leave a comment below!


Veneta Haralampieva