It’s official: 2nd year is over!

I can’t believe my second year is over! Got my results yesterday and I passed with a 1st class 😀

So, as promised, I’ll tell you about the CS May Ball. I didn’t attend it in my first year as none of my friends wanted to go. But I’m very glad I went this year – was lots of fun. There was a chocolate fountain (obviously the best bit!), a 3 course meal (though unfortuneatly you don’t get a choice of food), free photography, free wine on the tables and a champagne (well it was orange mixed with some type of alcohol) reception. A jazz band played while we were eating and there was a “disco” afterwards, which actually played really good music and to my surprise, people actually danced…including the lecturers!

Onto other news. I have now moved to Winchester in preparation for my year in industry. I start at IBM in Hursley in a few days which I’m really excited about. The first two days are an induction, but then it’s down to the proper work. I’ve been really lucky because my boss has been in contact and even showed me around the grounds when I visited Winchester in April looking for accommodation. So I already know him and the previous industrial placement student and therefore have an idea of what my job will entail. Obviously it’s quite dependant on current projects, but I know one main job will be looking through the code of newly aquired companies and making sure everything is legal.

Anyway, enough for now. I will update you when I’ve actually done some work!

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