Software Engineering Internship At CANDDi

I am already a month and half through the summer and a lot of things have happened since my last blog post. I have got a First this year, which means I am averaging a First Class Degree.

The fourth year is going to be worth 50%, so I just have to come back and confirm this trend, which is pretty good. I have already worked for CANDDi for 5 weeks (I am currently on holiday – they gave me 5 days for 3 months of work).

Working in a startup is extremely interesting for several different reasons:

  • Plans change quickly ( I am not doing what we planned to do).
  • Small teams are families.
  • I am in charge to deliver an iOS app and between me and the end-user there is no one.
  • I do wear shorts and t-shirts (yes, suits are forbidden).
  • I eat ice cream at work.
  • My learning curve is an exponential.

I am currently developing an iOS app in React Native, which will probably ship by the end of the month. This is great since I had never built an iOS app (I am an Android developer) and because I am using a leading edge technology such as React Native.

But startups are unpredictable, I was supposed to write two native apps at the beginning of the summer, then one in Phonegap and then we ended up realising React Native was the best choice. This decision was taken after developing several different prototypes.

Since they are unpredictable, I won’t finish my summer just with this project. Apart from documenting CANDDi’s API along the way, once the app is finished I’ll focus the rest of the summer redesigning CANDDi’s main UX/UI.

I’ll be back with another post when I begin my fourth year!

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