My 4th Year!

I started this blog in my first year at the University of Manchester and now I am already heading towards second week of my 4th year!

I am in a Master of Engineering course, so my programme is four years long and has a BSC + Masters all included. The 4th year counts 50% toward the final grade of your degree, so it’s the most important one. It’s divided in 4 different periods and each period lasts 6 weeks.

During each period you are recommended to take not more than two course units in order to have enough, but not too much work. I have already selected my courses and for this first period I am doing: Cryptography and Data Engineering.


1) The first choice was led by one of the main trends in startups, which will definitely grow in the next years, Security (that’s why in Period 2 I am also doing Cybersecurity ;)).

2) The second one was obvious, everything is driven by data, so if you don’t know how to process it, you are pretty much doomed.

I still don’t have a clue of what the outcome (my next stop after Uni) will be, but I am pretty confident, because I know what interests me, people.

I do have an interview with Bloomberg for a Software Engineering position next week, so I’ll update you on that. I have also just applied to EF, a startup accelerator that takes people based on your curricula and makes them build something over a six months period.

I am pretty sure I’ll do a startup or work for one, because I think the next few years will be still part of my learning experience. Although startups are though, low budget and the salary isn’t great, the value is probably 30x bigger than any other tech giant or bank can offer.

ps: I am leaving you with some cryptic sentences, but the truth is I am working on another side project, again. Hopefully I won’t shut it down before I am bored.

ps1: I’ll write another update at the start of Period 2 with my course units choices and a few more updates about my project.

Speak to you soon!

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