MATS16661: Preliminary Physics, Course Leader
MATS30010: Dissertation Project, Lecturer
MATS30461: Structural Applications in Materials Science, Lecturer
MATS40010: Dissertation Project, Lecturer
MATS40090: Extended Project Teaching, Assistant
MATS41461: Structural Applications in Material Science, Lecturer
MATS63330: Dissertation, Lecturer
MATS64440: Dissertation, Lecturer
MATS65561: Structure and Mechanical Properties of Polymers, Lecturer


A Course on Fabrication, Testing and Evaluation of Composites

6-7 of April 2016, Venue: Northwest Composites Centre

The Northwest Composites Centre (NWCC) is proud to announce a two day course – Composite Materials Fabrication, Testing and Evaluation. The course will be taught by the NWCC team who have combined expertise in all aspects of composites manufacture, sample preparation, testing methodologies, evaluation and interpretation of results. Our portfolio of experties covers a vast range of composite material types and the related structural applications.

The course offers an extensive laboratory-based practical component, where through several case studies the following aspects will be addressed: Composites manufacturing, Composites characterisation and testing in accordance with international test standards, Non-destructive evaluation and technical reporting.  ‌

The NWCC provides excellent facilities for this course; where you will see the latest advances in composites fabrication, chemical and physical characterisation, mechanical testing, and NDT techniques.

The training course will be complemented by presentations from Industry speakers. Download the Programme Outline 2016.