Exam Period June 2013: 5 things I have done instead of Revising

  1. ‘Revision’. Not the productive’ this-will-get-a-good-grade’ revision, but rather the I-have-a-book-open revision. Which is very effective, in about 5% of times.
  2. Finding my Celebrity Lookalike. I recently found out the App MyHeritage can find the celebrity look-a-like, which I thought was accurate, until i tried to test it with various other photos. The first iteration of this process yielded Kanye West and Wayne Brady. Not exactly doppelgangers, but resemblance can be seen. However, later experiments showed that this App cannot be trusted. Why you ask? Well this man:

    bears resemblance to Daniel Radcliffe, Ashton Kutcher, Colin Farrell and Tom Welling. You’d think that that would be the worst? Nope, apparently this writer also looks like Serena Williams, Halle Berry, J.K. Rowling and Dakota Fanning. Yeah, me thinks that broken!
  3. Finding the ideal Revision Anthem. Of course the one thing more important than revision is coming up with the ideal tune to make the ordeals of revision bearable. This time I was able to narrow my large, tasteful, music collection to 5 songs to get you through revision:
    1. “You Raise Me Up” -Westlife. Is there anything more inspiring than the most timeless song sung by the one of the most timeless boy bands in History? Also, most people who know me would be expecting a Westlife song to make the list, so here it is.
    2. “All Rise” -Blue. Its catchy tunes means that you are revising at a higher tempo, which means that you can derive the Illumination Model in about half the time. At the very least, you can practice counting to 4.
    3. “With a Little Help from My Friends”-Joe Cocker. It is nice to know that you aren’t the only one suffering through this ordeal, because all your friends are going through it as well. And somewhere, there are a group of people, who are laughing at the very thought of me having friends.
    4. “Dream On”-Aerosmith. Its a tune, I dont think I need to justify that (OK fine I listened to the Glee cover, don’t judge me)
    5. “I’m like a bird” -Nelly Furtado. It has proven to be a bit of a good luck tune of mine, plus as most of the second year know, I do love BIRDS.
  4. Simpson TapOut. A Game for your iPad that will make you forget the concept of revision, and all other parts of your real life as you are engulfed in the life of Homer trying to rebuild Springfield. Shout out to Chris Pottage here for supporting my procrastination habits, by introducing this to me slap bang in the middle of exams. But I’ll have the last laugh: Two weeks in, Level 10. Respect.
  5. Making useless phone calls at odd times. I dislike my mobile service provider a-lot, they have caused me nothing but trouble for the best part of a year. But when I am revising they are almost like an old friend that I feel the need to reconnect with. So at about 2am, or 9pm, or whenever revision got especially tedious I rang them up, with no reason in mind, and after I exhausted all the phone options and I got put through to the call centre, I was speechless and rudely cut off. Awks.
  6. BONUS: Writing this post. I am trying to put off revising Algorithms, so I decided to procrastinate and write this post. It looks like the article has come to an end so it looks like a time to re-hit the books…

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