Technical papers

  1. A Graphical Tool for Model-Driven Development Using Components and Services. S. Di Cola, C. Tran and K.-K. Lau. In Proceedings of SEAA Conference 2015, IEEE, 2015.
  2. An MDE Tool for Defining Software Product Families with Explicit Variation Points. S. Di Cola,K.-K. Lau, C. Tran and C. Qian. In Proceedings of SPLC 2015, ACM, 2015.
  3. Software Component Models: Past, Present and Future.
    K.-K. Lau. In Proceedings of Seventeenth International ACM SIGSOFT Symposium on Component-based Software Engineering, pages 185-186, ACM, 2014.
  4. The W Model for Component-based Software Development.
    K.-K. Lau, F. Taweel and C. Tran. In Proceedings of 37th EUROMICRO Conference on Software Engineering and Advanced Applications, pages 47-50, IEEE, 2011.
  5. Component-based Design and Verification in X-MAN.
    N. He, D. Kroening, T. Wahl, K.-K. Lau, F. Taweel, P. Rümmer and S. Sharma. In Proceedings of Embedded Real Time Software and Systems, 2012.

More publications can be found here.


Tool Guides

Here are some tutorials to get started with the X-MAN tool.

User guide 1 – Component design.

User guide 2 – Repository management.

User guide 3 – CDO server setup notes.


The tutorials for the FX-MAN extension are coming…