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#ChemEngCatchUp Episode 12 – Dr Rosa Cuellar Franca

Well nowadays consumers are more aware of the sustainability impacts of their activities, what we call the environmental footprint. So through my research I’m contributing towards making our consumption habits more sustainable. And also, informing the public how small changes can make a big impact, a big difference, to the whole environment.


#ChemEngCatchUp Episode 11 – Dr Vahid Niasar

If I was going to be really honest I’d say that, from childhood, I was inspired by my uncle. My uncle is a civil engineer. He’s working in different disciplines but the major discipline is in the hydro powers and electricity, these types of thing. But by education he was a civil engineer.


Teaching with Tom Rodgers

The best thing about teaching is helping students to develop their skills and knowledge. It is great to explain concepts to students and then see how they start to understand and are then able to take those ideas and solve complex problems.


Recognition for a Young Chemical Engineer in Research

My research focuses on carbon capture technologies, aiming to reduce its impact on climate change and global warming. My work employs the application of metal organic frameworks (MOFs) for carbon dioxide capture. MOFs are a class of porous physical adsorbents that attract carbon dioxide selectively and store it in their porous frameworks.


Graduating with Sam Peckett!

Graduation. It is a momentous and life altering day. It’s the day you begin your post-student life, a thought which, depending on your plans beyond university, can be either scary or exciting. Regardless of your thoughts of life after pot noodle dinners and spending time at the pub when you shouldn’t be (and studying endlessly, of course), the day itself is a day for celebration.

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